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Welcome to AOIT at Apex High School

AOIT in the News

Apex, North Carolina was recently named by MONEY Magazine to be the #1 place to live in the United States, and the quality of education provided in the Triangle is a big reason why. Apex's AOIT program was featured by MONEY in a short exposé, which highlights the career-readiness mindset instilled in the students and teachers of the Academy, and the technology super-skills that become engrained in the minds of AOIT's participants. Check it out here: Why Teens in MONEY’s #1 Best Place to Live Could Be Tomorrow’s Tech Stars.

Congratulations, Apex AOIT!

Welcome AOIT Class of 2019

Apex High School and AOIT are very excited to welcome a new class of students to the program. The AOIT staff and teachers are looking forward to meeting you and sharing your high school experience through this beneficial program. We are glad to have you in AOIT and we look forward to the next four years with you!


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Sample Senior Presentations

2015 Senior Banquet Video